Vanilla (5 pods)


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The name vanilla is enough to make our taste buds active. Vanilla is associated with chocolates, cakes, ice creams and other baked products as their flavouring agent. Vanilla extract has a sweet, rich fragrance and flavor which adds taste to many dishes.

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Vanilla, (genus Vanilla), any member of a group of tropical climbing orchids (family Orchidaceae) and the flavouring agent extracted from their pods. Today it is used in a variety of sweet foods and beverages, particularly chocolate, confections, ice cream, and bakery goods, and in perfumery. Vanilla plants have a long, fleshy climbing stem that attaches to trees by aerial rootlets; roots also penetrate the soil. Numerous flowers open a few at a time and last a single day during the blooming season, which lasts about two months.
Health benefits – Good for heart, Rich in Antioxidants, Good for Hair etc.

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